Stability Ball Core Workout

Here are 9 core exercises you can do with a stability ball.

Short HIIT Workout

A good HIIT workout for those who are getting started.

Taking the mystery out of weight loss

To begin, I recommend people go to and set up an account to track your daily calories. I also mention a RMR calculator to figure your resting metabolic rate, and a daily caloric needs calculator. Make sure to track your foods meticulously for a month or so. (after that you will have an idea how much food you need to meet your goals). I would recommend that you get a digital food scale as well. And for the first month measure your food. Most people have no clue what a cup, or 4 oz. or a teaspoon actually is, we just simply estimate. After measuring and tracking for a month, you will probably not need the food scale or Myfitnesspal because you will instinctively know these things.

One last thing; it’s not all about how much you weigh. The best measurements are not pounds, they are body fat percentages and circumference measurements. You can buy a very inexpensive set of body fat calipers online, and there are a lot of websites that have calculators that will figure your body fat based on the measurements. A sewing tape measure can be used to measure arm, chest, thigh, waist circumferences. Be sure to track all of this, and take before and after pictures! As you look back in a few months, I think you’ll be amazed!